Hullabaloo, Boo, and Bleu

There once was a Baboon named Bleu
He got caught and was taken to the zoo
How to escape he had no clue
Along came a Kangaroo named Boo
“Awe I see they got you too.”
Boo said to Bleu
“How do we break through?”
Replied Bleu to Boo

“You just going to have to make do.”
Said a man from out of the blue
“I am Ballyhoo with the work crew.”
Neither Bleu nor Boo cared for his tattoo.
“Well, I got other things to tend to.”
Added Ballyhoo

Later they ran back into that fellow Ballyhoo
From the work crew who has the stomach flu
He offered Bleu and Boo some beef stew
They were polite and said “No thank-you.”

Along came a peacock named Hullabaloo.
“I can teach you Tae Kwon Do.”
Said Hullabaloo to Bleu and Boo
They began to practice Tae Kwon Do
“That is not Tae Kwon Do” yelled Ballyhoo
The man with the tattoo from the work crew;
“That is Kung Fu you are trying to do.”

Poor Ballyhoo stepped into goat’s rue
He tried to keep from dropping his stew
He got stew and goat’s rue on his left shoe
And had to leave and get a shampoo
“I think he had too much homebrew.”
Said the Peacock named Hullabaloo

“Well let’s run through this zoo.”
Said Boo to Bleu
“You cut through, and I will chew through.”
Replied Bleu to Boo
“Follow me, and I will show you.”
Said Hullabaloo
“I will show you where we can walk through.”
Added Hullabaloo

So Hullabaloo, Boo, and Bleu passed on through
The crew from the zoo had no clue