As I Travel Down This Road

It Is My Deal

My life is like a deck of cards
I’m the dealer of my hand
I set my own rules you know
It’s not the average brand
I am seeking better rewards
Better than a television show

I must play my hand very well
This heart can no longer be hurt
My diamonds are not for sale
This club is not a game of chess
A spade to dig through my dessert
I will not settle for anything less

Facing My Tomorrows

As I hold back my tears
How can I face my fears

I am facing many sorrows
How can I face tomorrows

In this world, I am all alone
The tomorrows are unknown

As I travel down this road
I am carrying a heavy load

This broken heart must heal
The richness of life I do feel

This sadness I must defeat
Once again I landed on my feet

Deep Thoughts

Every once in a while
I get a little hungry.
Hungry to be bad.

Every once in a while
I get a little desperate
Desperate to get ahead

Every once in a while
I get a little discouraged
Discouraged to try again

Every once in a while
I get a little twist
A twist I can’t resist.

Every once in a while
I get a little broken
Too broken to be fixed.

Stop Pushing Me Away

I Am Here For You

The hurt and deceit built the wall.

Take a trip to find yourself

The pain and sorrow keep it active.
I know your pain I’ve experienced it.
I know your fears I have lived them.
My heart keeps control, but my efforts lose, 
Please accept my kindness 
Please let your wall crumble.
I’m trying to jump this wall between us
However, I will be patient
You don't know how much 
we do have in common!
You look at it as nothing!
I know you see it but are afraid 
So you push me away
Let go of all the hurt
Let go of all your sorrow!
Take a trip to find yourself;

I am here for you

Dig down because it’s unclear.
Take a look at your life. 
Be ashamed of who you are!
How you live or whom you push away.
Take all the time you need
to fix all the mistakes and broken
pieces of your life before it’s too late!
Friendship is one hand that holds yours, 
only if you extend yours
I am here for you 
So please please be my friend.
Be my good friend, be my best friend. 
Just remember me 
If you want to share something, 
Just call me if you wish to chat, 
Just take me if you have nobody to go somewhere, 
Just invite me if you have a party to attend. 
Always take note of ME in your life... 

Against All Odds

Have Faith and Think Positive

Do you believe the odds occur against you now? Perhaps you are encountering a complicated situation that does not look like it will ever become any better. Or, you have pleaded for God to answer a particular prayer, but nothing is happening. 

Open your eyes, and you will see in this message that something is happening. God is at work in your life and has a plan—His divine plan—to show out in your life and reveal His incredible favor and goodness in your life. But, you have to do your part and trust in God’s timing and plan. Release your faith, raise your expectancy and watch how God will miraculously turn your darkest hour into your greatest hour as the odds are shifted in your favor.

If you think the odds are against you, you will get stuck.

God works behind the scenes. God can turn the situation around for you. If God is for you. That means that the odds are for you. When you start believing that the odds are for you, your life will change. You will stand tall with your shoulders back. 

Play this in your head. "The odds are for me."  "I can overcome this sickness." "I can overcome this challenge." "I can accomplish great things." "I am a child of God." 

Do not get discouraged when you find yourself in situations when you think that the odds are against you. You do not see a way out or any logical solutions. God puts us there on purpose so that when He turns it around nobody will get the credit except Him. 

Do not ask "God, why me?" God is about to show out.  He is setting you up to show his favor in surprising ways. 

Do not stress out. Look up.


I Hear Voices

The Voices In My Head

The voices in my head are unclear
driving me into a heart-wrenching trance
A force to be reckoned with, I fear
However, I must take a chance

I want to kiss this man endlessly
Forbidden thoughts behind my lens
As if my mind controls my destiny?
Or is it my heart that has a vision?

Doubts are messing with my mind
In my head, there's a shout
I feel like I'm losing my mind
trying to think but it never gets out

Is our connection all in my head?
Feels like a war zone in my heart
I'm falling behind, and I can’t see ahead
Like a page ripped from my heart

I can't focus as if I'm going blind
Could it be that I’m hallucinating?
I'm searching for what I can't find
It has become somewhat frustrating.

I know for certain things will work out fine
Making the insanity worthwhile
Because being in love sounds divine.
And with my heart, I will smile.

The Voices I hear


Listen to me; please listen
“Whispers,” I want to talk to you
Don’t you want some action?
When all I want to do
is sit quietly and not hear a word
Awe come on, don’t be a lemon
I win, you lose, yahoo
Control, defeat, submission!

My heart and mind withdrew.
Leave me alone, I murmured.
My mind is always pacing
What's that, some voodoo?
My heart and mind is racing
I remain, I know
I want to sit quietly
and not hear a word

I Cried All Night

Mixed Love Signals

Red means stop and green means go
Come on baby let's go with the flow!
We greet each other with a hello
We don’t need to put on a show

You pulled me close; I pushed you away
Don’t know if I will go or stay
I went left, and you went right
I went home and cried all night

I moved away, but now I am back
I am broke, and that’s a fact
I don’t need your Cadillac
Just some clothes on a rack

You pulled me close; I pushed you away
Don’t know if I will go or stay
I went left, and you went right
I went home and cried all night

You looked at me with those big blue eyes
My stomach is full of butterflies
I followed my heart and told you no lies
You ran away, and that wasn’t wise

You pulled me close; I pushed you away
Don’t know if I will go or stay
I went left, and you went right
I went home and cried all night

one, two, three, red light

Love Was Not Real

Hello And Goodbye

I gave you time, and now I can see
I must do what is best for me
You didn’t listen to what I had to say,
You just pulled your heart away.

Nothing will change until I let go
I should have done this long ago
My tears are flowing; they’d fill a boat
Wishing life had a remote,

I hurt so much; it cuts like a knife
My wounds will heal; I'll go on with my life
I wipe my tears away and stand once more
Leaving broken dreams as I walk out the door

True Love

Love, at first sight, isn’t right
Because it’s not love
When push comes to shove
It Was Love at First Sight, Wasn’t It

Love is deceived by lust
Because it is in disguise
When it’s seen with the eyes
It Was Love at First Sight, Wasn’t It

Love from the heart is bright
Because it is what is true love
When one takes hold of
It Was Love at First Sight, Wasn’t It

Another love affair ending in failure
After all, it was a homespun love
Weaved with thorns and bristles
It was love at first sight, wasn’t it

It was a challenge from the start
A great adventure that died quickly
A love like that could never last
It was love at first sight, wasn’t it

It was a quick fix happiness
Until the blindfolds came off
The lies and habits came to the surface
It was love at first glance, wasn’t it

Mad at Me

I am furious at myself
For being pleasant
For feeling guilty
For being friendly
For loving you
For thinking about you
For not walking away
When I ought to have

I Have Moved On

My words of love were said
Time and time again;
you did not have the guts
To follow your heart,

You listened to their lies
And it broke us apart
Now I have moved on
Because we grew apart

The love of yesterday
Will never be the same
Now my words are goodbyes
And that takes guts

Dancing And Singing Our Song

It Started With a Glance

We were sitting around relaxing
We were glancing just a glancing
Next thing I knew we were dancing
To every song, we were dancing
We were bopping just a bopping
Next thing I knew we were laughing
During every dance, we were laughing
We were giggling just a giggling
Next thing I knew we were kissing

We Belong Together

What if I say I’m not leaving
Nothing can go wrong
Just keep on believing
Together is where we belong
Side by side we’d be living
Dancing and singing our song

This world is not good for us
It is trying to tear us apart
There is no need to curse
I am not in the mood to fuss
Let’s don’t even depart
We are not in a big rush

What if I say I’m not leaving
Nothing can go wrong
Just keep on believing
Together is where we belong
Side by side we’d be living
Dancing and singing our song

Reality comes busting in
I feel like getting on a bus
I stay and follow my heart
Please be more trusting
We deserve a fresh start
Because baby, I choose us

What if I say I’m not leaving
Nothing can go wrong
Just keep on believing
Together is where we belong
Side by side we’d be living
Dancing and singing our song

We must face the music
Letting everybody see
We are going to be exclusive
Hoping everyone will agree
We are being realistic
Together we are complete

What if I say I’m not leaving
Nothing can go wrong
Just keep on believing
Together is where we belong
Side by side we’d be living
Dancing and singing our song

Dancing and singing our song

This Game of Love

To Dane from Rosa

Happy birthday Joseph Dane
I hope your day wasn’t plain
Was it more like a hurricane?
With family and friends to entertain
At least you didn’t go insane!

Cake and ice cream on your day
Did somebody take you to a buffet?
Or at home, did you stay?
You are very handsome by the way
I hope you have many more I daresay.

Missing You

Thinking about you is easy
I do it day after day
Missing you is misery
That never goes away
I hold you within my heart
And there you will stay
Always in my thoughts
Forever in my heart

Catch Me If You Can

I’ve stolen your heart
Now I’m on the run
Catch me if you can
I’m not slowing down

I’m tired of playing
This game of love
Let’s break all the rules
Throw the book away

I don’t intend to lose
Be a better man
Put on your running shoes
Don’t let me get away
To Whom I Love

Oh you, the man whom I love
Let our love come alive like a garden
Wrap your arms around my body
Feel the beat of my heart
As our mouths cling to each other
Feel the love that has no regrets
A love which shall make us one
Then we shall never grow apart

Oh you, the man whom I love
How I yearn to be in your castle
Even though it overwhelms me
Full of clutter, yet so empty
It’s a challenge I wish to pursue
Through your caring and sharing
Through my thoughtfulness
All will see your castle’s beauty

Sometimes Love needs a Kick Start

Friends First 

Your handsome face captured my eyes
Your personality captured my heart
You look and feel real without a disguise
You just need an old-fashioned kick-start

We have a great friendship
Being projected in a unique way
It’s not quite a relationship
Being brave enough to meet halfway

Patience for the right moment
Neither of us would want to escape
Coming together with enjoyment
A life together we will wish to create


Love those with whom fate brings you together
Then you will have a true friend forever

Friendships happen when least expected
Be honest, and you will be respected

Friendships are good for your health
It is trust and love that brings you great wealth

They are worth more than silver and gold
A bond you will still have when you are old

You Can Call Me Anytime

Whenever you need someone
Who has a friendly smile
Someone who understands and cares
Who will listen for a while
I have a shoulder for your tears
I will lend you my ears
You can call me anytime

When you need an encouraging word
Anytime, morning, noon or night
you will not be mocked or set aside
With open ears, you will be heard
Even if it takes all night till daylight
And we both get all red-eyed
You can call me anytime

I Want Greener Grass

I Want More

I want greener grass every season
Where there is no such reason

I want an abundance of love and affection
Where there is no such rejection

I want a bigger and better distribution
Where there is no such substitution.

I want more of a heartfelt connection
Where there is no such perfection

Where Ever You Go

Like the grass follows the sun
I will follow you
Wherever you go

Like water quenches the thirst
I will satisfy you
Wherever we are

Like a chest full of treasure
I will treasure you
All of our days

Like a baby loves its mother
I will love you
With all my heart

Hullabaloo, Boo, and Bleu

There once was a Baboon named Bleu
He got caught and was taken to the zoo
How to escape he had no clue
Along came a Kangaroo named Boo
“Awe I see they got you too.”
Boo said to Bleu
“How do we break through?”
Replied Bleu to Boo

“You just going to have to make do.”
Said a man from out of the blue
“I am Ballyhoo with the work crew.”
Neither Bleu nor Boo cared for his tattoo.
“Well, I got other things to tend to.”
Added Ballyhoo

Later they ran back into that fellow Ballyhoo
From the work crew who has the stomach flu
He offered Bleu and Boo some beef stew
They were polite and said “No thank-you.”

Along came a peacock named Hullabaloo.
“I can teach you Tae Kwon Do.”
Said Hullabaloo to Bleu and Boo
They began to practice Tae Kwon Do
“That is not Tae Kwon Do” yelled Ballyhoo
The man with the tattoo from the work crew;
“That is Kung Fu you are trying to do.”

Poor Ballyhoo stepped into goat’s rue
He tried to keep from dropping his stew
He got stew and goat’s rue on his left shoe
And had to leave and get a shampoo
“I think he had too much homebrew.”
Said the Peacock named Hullabaloo

“Well let’s run through this zoo.”
Said Boo to Bleu
“You cut through, and I will chew through.”
Replied Bleu to Boo
“Follow me, and I will show you.”
Said Hullabaloo
“I will show you where we can walk through.”
Added Hullabaloo

So Hullabaloo, Boo, and Bleu passed on through
The crew from the zoo had no clue

True Love

What My Love for You Feels Like

A forceful numbness took over my body
This silence feels like intense darkness
But my anxiety grows more and more intense,
Inhale, exhale, how can I be calm?
A lot to say, I don’t know where to start.

My heart is racing like the wind in a wildfire
It feels like a rock-n-roll soundtrack
But my hands are cold as a block of ice
Inhale, exhale, how can I be calm?
A lot to say, I don’t know where to start.

My heart keeps telling me, you are my soul mate
My mind tells me we really don’t have a chance
But this statement clashes with the evidence.
Inhale, exhale, how can I be calm?
A lot to say, I don’t know where to start.

A Love Such as This

What irresistible love such as this
Freed from all futile endeavors
Expecting great things to come

Trying not to be so anxious
Having a life of wonderfulness
Love being sealed with a kiss

Deviously good and wholesome
I cannot replace this happiness
Life without love is a miss

It gives this woman a complex
This amazing love is spontaneous
This devilish energy I will not dismiss


Happy hearts and faces
As they go to different places
So sweet and innocent
With a stink or fresh scent
They laugh, cry and play
Knows only of today
However, it requires a lot of space
Is content with a small place

I Packed My Bags And Left

The One Time I Was Spoiled

You were everything I dreamed of
You spoiled me from the start
The smile that was always on your face
The warmth that came from your heart
Your hand that interlocked with mine
It was true love from the start
However, yet I packed my bags and left

You were everything I dreamed of
I thought we would never depart
Our morning showers together
Washing every body part
You made breakfast I made the bed
It was a fantastic work of art
However, yet I packed my bags and left

You were everything I dreamed of
You were tall, handsome and smart
You always asked me about my day
Everything I wanted to do you took part
Supper, dishes, and laundry we did together
We did not have a detailed chart
However, yet I packed my bags and left

Hooked On A Feeling

Hooked On You

I don’t care what people say.
I want to be with you every day.

I want so much to feel your touch
I'm afraid; I need you so much.

I need you more than you can believe,
Love you more than you can conceive.

I wake up; you are on my mind
another subject, I try to find.

I see you; I can’t help but smile.
I will not be in denial

With you is where I belong
I know it, I feel it so strong

Think about you night and day
I don't want it to be any other way.

I will do whatever it takes
I don’t care about the stakes

Deep inside my heart
I never want us to part

My love for you is pure
Nothing has been clearer

Love that’s so big for the world to see
you and I are meant to be.

He Makes Me Wanna

His eyes, his eyes are so blue
Makes me want to woo who
His smile, his smile is so sexy
Makes me feel all toasty
His chest, his chest so broad
Makes me want to be his bride
His hands, his hands are so strong
Makes me want to do no wrong
His feet, his feet are so big
Makes me want to do a striptease jig

America The Beautiful - Red, White, and Blue

Be A Soldier

America, America, Can You See Clearly
We have turned away from our duty.
This great nation, we held so dearly.
For freedom is what we will grieve.
We must defeat the immoral few.
Heading the wrong way, I fear.
America the beautiful red, white, and blue

America, America can you see clearly?
The Armed Forces who fight to keep us free
Also, swear an oath as warriors true.
They defend our nation that we cherish so dear,
Protecting the lives of you and me
They are real heroes, young, brave and true.
Fighting to protect our flag, the red, white and blue

America, America, open your eyes so you can see
Terrified in ways that I never knew
The American Spirit I wish to achieve
Standing for what is right is long overdue.
Standing for what is right will not be a breeze.
I wish it could be more comfortable for the people here.
America the beautiful red, white, and blue
""It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag." Donald Trump
Lewis Woodard Sr. US Army

"He is a GOOD MAN" I put on a show

My first “ex.”
It was all about sex
The secrets I kept so no one would know
"He is a GOOD MAN" I put on a show

I became a battered wife on my wedding day
I was not a blushing bride I hate to say
I gave him my love and gave him my heart
He took that trust and tore me apart

I was broken, battered and bruised
with nothing to gain and all to lose.
The secrets I kept so no one would know
"He is a GOOD MAN" I put on a show

He did what he wanted and stayed away till night
I did not question him without starting a fight
He had to control things determined he would
emotionally destroying me every way that he could

My patience hasty came to an end
I stood my ground and did not pretend
The secrets I kept so no one would know 
"He is a GOOD MAN" I put on a show

He did hurt me and betrayal was the game
My love changed and I was not the same
My heart-ache and feelings for him I did defeat
Our Marriage was over I just clicked DELETE.

All through the years he came and went
Every now and then a note was sent
(Dedicated to Allen L. Spradlin)

Depression Hurts

My Tug of War

My thoughts keep churning and twisting
From all my mixed emotions,
Being trapped in my tug of war
Like an imprudent dream that I keep having

Why do I feel this way?
Thoughts are like a shooting star
That flashes through my mind
Through the great division within my soul

0 the thoughts inside my head
The light that ignites my soul is burning my heart
A feeling that begs for me to reach out
Hurting me like a splitting headache

I am scared to know what it's like to be loved
Maybe I'm not marked for happiness
But as amazing as some people are
It's not enough to make me believe I am worthy

Can anyone ever actually understand me?
Is it impossible?
Well, I always am alone,
Trapped in my tug of war?

100 Ways To Say "I'm Sorry"

I'm Sorry ---

An actual relationship has fights, trust, pain, fears, arguments, jealousy, faith, and love. Sometimes there are relationships in our lives that need healing, but we don't know what to do? Try saying that you are sorry. Often apologizing gives you just as much relief as the person you are apologizing too.

A real apology will communicate three things: regret, responsibility, and remedy. With an open heart and courage, a simple "I'm sorry," can go a long way.

Show You Care - Give The Person You Hurt Some Space - You Need Space Too. Sometimes there is so much we feel but little we can say.
  • Don't play with others feelings
  • Don't take anybody for granted.
  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Move Past It - Speaking Without Egos
  • The best relationship is the one in which yesterday's fight doesn't stop today's communication.
Send An Apology Text "Hey baby, thinking about you."

See Things Through Their Eye's. Just because you are right doesn't mean they are wrong. Things You Can Say - "I'm Sorry" Is Understood.
  • I love you.
  • I don't want to fight anymore.
  • I get jealous when you give someone the kind of attention I want from you.
  • If I tell you my problems that mean I trust you.
  • I wish I could talk to you right now.
  • You are truly unique to me.
  • You are a great person, and you didn't deserve what I did.
  • I'm a jerk.
  • Please forgive me.
  • I don't know how you put up with me.
  • I will never do that again
  • I messed up.
  • I will make it up to you
  • Have I told you lately how good you look
  • Let me do that for you.
  • Here, sit in my chair and here’s the remote.
  • Excuse me while I get my foot out of my mouth.
  • I feel awful about it.
  • It is all my fault.
  • What I did was wrong.
  • I should have listened to you,
  • You were right.
  • What can I do to make it up to you?
  • You are beautiful when you are mad
  • It’s your world; I’m just in it.
  • That is no excuse for my behavior
  • My bad
  • I feel like crap
  • You are the boss.
  • I wasn’t thinking.
  • I am an apology.
  • I am sincerely regretful
  • I’ll do your choirs for a week.
  • Let me take you to dinner.
  • I’ll take care of it.
  • It’s not your fault.
  • You did nothing wrong.
  • I take it back.
  • That came out wrong.
  • It sounds worse than it is.
  • I didn’t make myself clear.
  • You have every right to slap me.
  • I wasn’t serious
  • I was kidding
  • I’ll make it right
  • Give me another chance
  • You’re the best
Feel Bad About It, Then Do Something About It.

All It Takes Is An Apology To Make Things Better.
  • Make Eye Contact. The eyes are the window to your soul
  • A Kiss On The Cheek or A Hug
  • Laugh About It. Show you are sorry.
  • Hug A Pillow. Show you are remorseful.
  • Prepare A Special Meal
  • Nothing says "I'm Sorry" Better Than A Bouquet Of Flowers
  • Send A Balloon With Candy To Amend Any Relationship
  • Makeup With A Massage or Pedicure
  • Sometimes Letting Go Is Saying "I'm Sorry"
  • Sometimes We Need To Cry. Actions Speak Louder Than Words