Against All Odds

Have Faith and Think Positive

Do you believe the odds occur against you now? Perhaps you are encountering a complicated situation that does not look like it will ever become any better. Or, you have pleaded for God to answer a particular prayer, but nothing is happening. 

Open your eyes, and you will see in this message that something is happening. God is at work in your life and has a plan—His divine plan—to show out in your life and reveal His incredible favor and goodness in your life. But, you have to do your part and trust in God’s timing and plan. Release your faith, raise your expectancy and watch how God will miraculously turn your darkest hour into your greatest hour as the odds are shifted in your favor.

If you think the odds are against you, you will get stuck.

God works behind the scenes. God can turn the situation around for you. If God is for you. That means that the odds are for you. When you start believing that the odds are for you, your life will change. You will stand tall with your shoulders back. 

Play this in your head. "The odds are for me."  "I can overcome this sickness." "I can overcome this challenge." "I can accomplish great things." "I am a child of God." 

Do not get discouraged when you find yourself in situations when you think that the odds are against you. You do not see a way out or any logical solutions. God puts us there on purpose so that when He turns it around nobody will get the credit except Him. 

Do not ask "God, why me?" God is about to show out.  He is setting you up to show his favor in surprising ways. 

Do not stress out. Look up.