I Hear Voices

The Voices In My Head

The voices in my head are unclear
driving me into a heart-wrenching trance
A force to be reckoned with, I fear
However, I must take a chance

I want to kiss this man endlessly
Forbidden thoughts behind my lens
As if my mind controls my destiny?
Or is it my heart that has a vision?

Doubts are messing with my mind
In my head, there's a shout
I feel like I'm losing my mind
trying to think but it never gets out

Is our connection all in my head?
Feels like a war zone in my heart
I'm falling behind, and I can’t see ahead
Like a page ripped from my heart

I can't focus as if I'm going blind
Could it be that I’m hallucinating?
I'm searching for what I can't find
It has become somewhat frustrating.

I know for certain things will work out fine
Making the insanity worthwhile
Because being in love sounds divine.
And with my heart, I will smile.

The Voices I hear


Listen to me; please listen
“Whispers,” I want to talk to you
Don’t you want some action?
When all I want to do
is sit quietly and not hear a word
Awe come on, don’t be a lemon
I win, you lose, yahoo
Control, defeat, submission!

My heart and mind withdrew.
Leave me alone, I murmured.
My mind is always pacing
What's that, some voodoo?
My heart and mind is racing
I remain, I know
I want to sit quietly
and not hear a word