Sometimes Love needs a Kick Start

Friends First 

Your handsome face captured my eyes
Your personality captured my heart
You look and feel real without a disguise
You just need an old-fashioned kick-start

We have a great friendship
Being projected in a unique way
It’s not quite a relationship
Being brave enough to meet halfway

Patience for the right moment
Neither of us would want to escape
Coming together with enjoyment
A life together we will wish to create


Love those with whom fate brings you together
Then you will have a true friend forever

Friendships happen when least expected
Be honest, and you will be respected

Friendships are good for your health
It is trust and love that brings you great wealth

They are worth more than silver and gold
A bond you will still have when you are old

You Can Call Me Anytime

Whenever you need someone
Who has a friendly smile
Someone who understands and cares
Who will listen for a while
I have a shoulder for your tears
I will lend you my ears
You can call me anytime

When you need an encouraging word
Anytime, morning, noon or night
you will not be mocked or set aside
With open ears, you will be heard
Even if it takes all night till daylight
And we both get all red-eyed
You can call me anytime