Stop Pushing Me Away

I Am Here For You

The hurt and deceit built the wall.

Take a trip to find yourself

The pain and sorrow keep it active.
I know your pain I’ve experienced it.
I know your fears I have lived them.
My heart keeps control, but my efforts lose, 
Please accept my kindness 
Please let your wall crumble.
I’m trying to jump this wall between us
However, I will be patient
You don't know how much 
we do have in common!
You look at it as nothing!
I know you see it but are afraid 
So you push me away
Let go of all the hurt
Let go of all your sorrow!
Take a trip to find yourself;

I am here for you

Dig down because it’s unclear.
Take a look at your life. 
Be ashamed of who you are!
How you live or whom you push away.
Take all the time you need
to fix all the mistakes and broken
pieces of your life before it’s too late!
Friendship is one hand that holds yours, 
only if you extend yours
I am here for you 
So please please be my friend.
Be my good friend, be my best friend. 
Just remember me 
If you want to share something, 
Just call me if you wish to chat, 
Just take me if you have nobody to go somewhere, 
Just invite me if you have a party to attend. 
Always take note of ME in your life...