This Game of Love

To Dane from Rosa

Happy birthday Joseph Dane
I hope your day wasn’t plain
Was it more like a hurricane?
With family and friends to entertain
At least you didn’t go insane!

Cake and ice cream on your day
Did somebody take you to a buffet?
Or at home, did you stay?
You are very handsome by the way
I hope you have many more I daresay.

Missing You

Thinking about you is easy
I do it day after day
Missing you is misery
That never goes away
I hold you within my heart
And there you will stay
Always in my thoughts
Forever in my heart

Catch Me If You Can

I’ve stolen your heart
Now I’m on the run
Catch me if you can
I’m not slowing down

I’m tired of playing
This game of love
Let’s break all the rules
Throw the book away

I don’t intend to lose
Be a better man
Put on your running shoes
Don’t let me get away
To Whom I Love

Oh you, the man whom I love
Let our love come alive like a garden
Wrap your arms around my body
Feel the beat of my heart
As our mouths cling to each other
Feel the love that has no regrets
A love which shall make us one
Then we shall never grow apart

Oh you, the man whom I love
How I yearn to be in your castle
Even though it overwhelms me
Full of clutter, yet so empty
It’s a challenge I wish to pursue
Through your caring and sharing
Through my thoughtfulness
All will see your castle’s beauty