Feeling Lost

Just Someone

I don’t think that I am a terrible person
Just someone that is always searching
I don’t have answers or the right solution
Just someone doing a lot of rehearsing

I don’t need to hear your sermon
Just someone that is reaching
The right answers I will determine
Just waiting for the correct wording
 don’t want to become a burden
Just someone that is recording
The events of my life with a pardon
Just a new chapter that is starting

Better light

I walk into a dark room
I feel all empty inside
I turn on the light switch
With life, the room does feel

I walk outside and look around
The sky becomes darker
The moon and stars shine through
With life the world displays

I walk through the woods
Oh the sounds I do hear
Sounds of creatures around
Some sounds from afar

I walk back toward the house
With thoughts of better times
Yesterday is gone, and life goes on
A good night’s rest then it’s tomorrow

First Impression

A first impression never fades
An opinion, quickly formed
It is imperative you know
It doesn’t get a second chance
Just relax and don’t put on a show
It cannot be reversed or unformed
Just make it a good remembrance

A Homeless Person

Trying to make ends meet
I’ll be okay living on a dime
Living out on the street
It feels all right to be this tight

Out looking for food to eat
Days come up missing
Dreams take a backseat
This society can’t be right

A Single Mom

A single mom turns to steel and keeps on going
Very seldom can go out for the evening

Keeps busy every day trying to survive
She sets her gears in automatic drive

Her happiness is  within her children
Their hugs and smiles are why she’s driven


Sometimes I wonder what dogs say to each other
Why the slurping sounds when they eat their supper
Barking, howling or growling is what we do hear

They seem to have a language of their own
Always digging holes to bury toys or a bone
Barking, howling or growling is what we do fear

A Word

Be careful how you chose a word
A word can be misunderstood
A word could be plain out absurd
A word could be easily overheard
A word can cause trouble to be stirred
A word can become too forward
A word cannot be taken backward
A word can become any password
A word can be like a broken record
Be careful, say what you can afford

Drop It Like It’s Hot

When your life is like play doe
Left out to dry up and get hard
If you’re going with the flow

You will not get any reward
But if you drop it like it’s hot
You will be able to conquer and grow

When you got something up your sleeve
And it’s deceptive and dishonest
A lot of heartaches you will weave

You will not be able to play it like a pianist
But if you drop it like it’s hot
A better tomorrow you will receive