Redneck Girl

Cowgirl Riding Hard

This is how it began
Pinto beans, collards and cornbread
Time for a down-home showdown
This girl is traveling light

Getty up and let’s go, let’s go
My feet are in the saddle
I am one tough chick
Riding in the broad daylight

All hot and smelly
Looking for a good time
This rowdy cowgirl feels good
Spit and polish gotta do it right

Just a writer

They say I’d have to be drunk
To write a country song
I would write a lot of junk
And that would be wrong

I would have to wear a disguise
Because there may be a snitch
Might have to compromise
Or run around without a stitch

I am just a free-lancer
Living on the edge
I will not become a drinker
I do not have an urge.

Unless I was drunk on love
I would write words all night
Someone special I would think of
And that would be right

A Night at The Bar

I picked up a guitar
Pretended I was a rock star
I thought I saw a giant crab
But it was just a black lab
It got late, and I left the bar
Out looking for my car

I forgot I had come by a taxi-cab
I also forgot to pay my tab
A man wanted to give me CPR
He got me into his squad car
I thought it was a taxi-cab
At least I wasn’t on a slab

A Kind of Way

I am borderline sleazy
A back alley kind of way
Stirring up a little ruckus
My atheism  squashed
I am a little standoffish
Diving into troubled waters
In a sneaky sort of way

Keeping my tongue stirred
Skipping out on diversity
In a foot-loose kind of way
Casually unpredictable
No one will be the wiser
Seeking common ground
In a type of recycled way

Black-eyed Peas

Kudos to the Black-eyed Peas
In celebration of the New Year
This tasty and nourishing vegetable
is placed on every table of the south

In hopes of more money will appear
Its nutty flavor is a satisfying staple
With a robust, delicious dish on the side
As it satisfies taste buds in our mouth

There is no substitute for black-eyed peas
Served with greens and hot cornbread
Sliced onions and tea completes the meal
This vegetable is like the people of the south

We are nutty, robust and try to get ahead
Some of us are resilient and want to squeal
In hopes of our needs will be supplied
We will never have to be or do without