I Need a Vacation

At times life feels like a battleship
The regrets sometimes blow my mind
Even though time doesn’t last forever
My brain needs some relaxation

Maybe I need to escape and go on a trip
Should I get away so I can unwind?
Clear my mind so I can get it all together
Would I need an explanation?

Maybe I’ll fly or take a cruise on a ship
With all life’s problems  left behind
Where to go depends on the weather
Or would I have fun at any location?

Inside Out

My beauty is more than skin deep
I sow more than I reap
but nothing is mine to keep.
I never forget how to weep

But all the while smiling
I act as if it is nothing
I find myself singing
And I will not be quitting

It’s more than what is outside
The rest should step aside
I have a great deal of pride
I will not attempt to hide

Recall Beauty

Mirror, mirror on the wall
My beauty I have lost
Reflect what used to be
A flawless skin
Before I get tossed

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Give me beauty at any cost
One that is wrinkle free
Smooth to the touch as I recall
Beauty with a guarantee

Type of Woman

I am the type of woman
That can portray happiness
Even when I am defeated
In spite of everything else
I look at you and smile

I am the type of woman
Eager to improve society
Also if I get overwhelmed
In the differences of morality
I look at you and smile

I am the type of woman
Courageous enough to be brave
Even if I get intelligently routed
In the midst I know to behave
I look at you and smile

Be a Lady

In the excitement of the moment
Remember there is a treasure inside of you
Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve
A lady sets her standards high
Remember low prices attract the most customers
Let people know you are smart takes guts
But more difficult to regret