Spiritual Concepts


I am a woman of the dawn
With its pinks and grays fading
As the night silence is broken
I rise to meet the morning light

Across the pale blue sky
In colors of yellows and gold
By its light shining bright
The colors bleed through

I am a woman of the dawn
Like the sun I am bold
For the sunrise brings hope
By its warmth, I feel lively.

Like beauty overwhelming the sky
I am more grateful for blessings
More appreciative of being alive
Oh how it brings me inner peace

I am a woman of the dawn
Empowered by the light
That chases the darkness away
The birth of a glorious new day

Breathtaking in itself
A chance to shine like the sun
Be more accepting of others
Give love without conditions

Winter Ice Storm 

When stranded in an Ice Storm
Carpet of snow does transform
Snow fluttering in the breeze
Hide your ego if you please
Asking for help is not a shame
No pointing fingers no one to blame

As your traveling in the snow
You feel so numb can hardly go 
Teeth are grinding from the breeze
Voices tell you-you may freeze
The pounding heartbeat in your chest
tells you to give it your very best

Ask God for help, and he will draw near
Have faith, and He will calm your fear
Take His hand, and you will see
This is the way it's supposed to be
He is with you no matter the storm
With his touch, he makes you warm

My Confession

Dear God so full of grace and compassion
I am coming again with my confession
As I look into the mirror and see my reflection
I ask you for forgiveness and direction

Sometimes I look at someone and see the worst,
Knowing that I haven't always put you first
All of a sudden as if my bubble had burst
I must confess that I was feeling somewhat coerced

I know I will mess up every now and then
For nobody is perfect except Christ for it is written
As I am praying, I feel your love, and I am forgiven
In Jesus name, I pray, Amen

God Is Up To Something

When you feel you are worth nothing
And your load is too heavy to carry
God is up to something
He is the light in your darkness
He will take away what is scary

When you feel weak and wary
And your hope is almost gone
God is up to something
Your burdens he will bury
Forgiveness he will bring on

When you feel that everything is wrong
And you are going through a storm
God is up to something
He will lift you and make you strong
And a rainbow will transform

Let's Tell Everybody About Jesus

Come on brothers, come on sisters
Get out there in the hi-ways and hedges 
Don't give up until our feet have blisters
Let's tell everybody about Jesus

Let's tie all of our shoelaces
Let's go to all the high places 
And out of the way spaces
Making sure we hit all the bases

Getting rid of all our contradictory
Letting our sacrifices become a victory
Don't let it become a mystery
Let's give God all the glory

I See God Looking back at Me

When I look in the mirror
What do I see?
I see my reflection
Looking back at me

When I look in the bible
What do I see
I see God's direction
Looking back at me

When I look at the cross
What do I see
I see His resurrection
Looking back at me

When I go for a walk
What do I see
I see God's creation
Looking back at me

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, Look at Me
In this world, I'm struggling
Feeling forsaken and lonely
I feel myself dragging.
Is this the way it's meant to be?

My Child, Look at Me
Stop it, you're complaining
I must speak frankly
Stop all that doubting
This world is not your destiny

Dear Lord, Look at Me
I am discouraged and seeking
I still can't fully see
Inside, my tears are shedding
But I must face the pain I see,

My child, look at me
You are alive and breathing
Open your heart, and you will see
What it is that's happening
Stop and look up at me

Jesus, My Master

I trust in the creator and author
Of what I believe
because what I ask for in Him, 
I in return shall receive

Miracles happen every day
Open up my soul to Him
Because He can make things right
I in return sing a hymn

Man can break my heart
Tell me a lot of lies
Because man is not perfect
I in return will not compromise

In my heart, I know the truth
Jesus is the answer
He is everlasting with me
I in return call Him Master

Milk and Honey

Milk and honey and blooming delights
Streets of gold with lots of lights

We all will soon be gathered there
No more heartaches pain or care

God's precious presence we shall see
He will reach his arms out to you and me

From God's fountain, we'll be drinking
From our lips, we'll be singing

We'll be shouting with a blast
Hallelu, hallelujah, heaven at last

Step of Faith
This is for me
As a believer
It is what I see
With my heart
I will receive
Praying is easy
I do it every day
Sometimes I feel lazy
But I do it anyway
Even when I'm busy
That's how I start my day