Storms to Bear

Storm Is Coming

I felt a stiff breeze upon my body
Oh it’s the strength of the wind that I feel
I hear the wind chimes of the pending storm.
I looked around and viewed the trees,  
smelled the air and felt the breeze.
I felt its strength as it blew harder
The bully of wind, invading upon me

I knew a storm was quickly approaching
Dark clouds were present I knew it was close
And I must settle down somewhere secure
As my umbrella went flying away
I ran for shelter like scattered debris.
A rumbling sound constantly moving
Thunder and lightning lighting up the sky

Restless animals trying to run away
Rain coming down hitting all objects
And making a lot of disturbing sounds
Destructive winds exposed and ripped
Hard as nails, the rain comes pouring down

The Storms of Life

Here I am traveling through time
Trying to make my life rhyme

Leafing through and trumping it up
New skills that I try to develop

The storms of life that I embrace
As the jigsaw puzzle falls into place

My habits take over my existence
Making my life more intense

Gambling with love and fortune
There will not be a distraction

Trying not to get ahead of myself
Slowing down to take a ride on a raft

Troubled waters do not last forever
The storms of life make me brighter


When people get too comfortable
They stop caring and get disconnected
Throbbing with life, dispelling all dismay
Wanting recognition for their victory
A victory that has yet  achieved

Social justice is not all cut and dry
It opens up a world of possibilities
Causes too many storms for tomorrow
Civilization gets destroyed
It is like putting a square in a circle